We’re changing the way developers work.

We passionately believe in streamlining workflows, enhancing efficiency, and breaking down the barriers that have traditionally divided development and operations teams. DevOps, our game-changing approach, is an amalgamation of innovative practices, modern tools, and a culture of collaboration that is altering the way work gets done.

Our team

Our team, comprised of skilled Engineers and Developers, collaboratively powers our journey in the realm of DevOps and Digital Transformation.

  • Johnathon Biersack

    Chief & Cloud Native Architect

  • Peter ONeill

    Cloud Native Architect & DevOps Evangelist

  • Connor Cleveland

    Full-stack Developer

  • David Petersen

    Senior DevOps Engineer

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While our team operates globally, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized, local support that makes us feel right in your backyard, no matter where you are.

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