We’re changing the way developers work.

We passionately believe in streamlining workflows, enhancing efficiency, and breaking down the barriers that have traditionally divided development and operations teams. DevOps, our game-changing approach, is an amalgamation of innovative practices, modern tools, and a culture of collaboration that is altering the way work gets done.

Our mission

Our mission is to digitally transform the infrastructure of Fortune 500 companies and governments, propelling them into the future with the power of open source DevOps practices.

We are committed to demystifying the complexities of technological change, helping our partners to harness the vast potential of these innovative approaches. Our goal is to enhance business operations, streamline workflows, and create an environment of sustained growth and security. We passionately advocate for a collaborative, transparent culture that values constant learning, agile delivery, and feedback loops.

By fostering a robust DevOps culture, we aim to ensure that these global entities remain competitive and resilient in the face of evolving challenges. We are not just equipping businesses with tools for today; we are securing their future, fostering adaptability and innovation, and transforming the world of enterprise software.

implementing DevOps helped them produce higher quality deliverables
61% say
DevOps practices unlocked higher business value
83% say
DevOps has had a positive impact on their organization
99% say

Our values

We stand by our values, ensuring they're deeply ingrained in every decision we make and action we take.

Be world-class
Always strive for excellence, driving innovation, ensuring flawless execution, and delivering superior solutions that set global standards.
Share everything you know
We are commitment to fostering a culture of transparency and knowledge-sharing. It's about enhancing collaboration, accelerating innovation, and empowering teams to drive impactful change.
Always learning
We have a relentless pursuit of knowledge in the ever-evolving landscape of DevOps and Digital Transformation. This constant growth mindset enables us to adapt, innovate, and provide cutting-edge solutions that drive our success.
Be supportive
We are dedication to fostering a collaborative, inclusive environment in our DevOps and Digital Transformation work. We believe in empowering each other, understanding unique challenges, and working together to achieve transformative solutions.
Take responsibility
We are commitment to owning our roles within the complex dynamics of DevOps and Digital Transformation. It speaks to accountability, proactive problem-solving, and the drive to deliver reliable, impactful results for our clients.
Enjoy time off
We believe in balancing hard work with well-deserved rest. We know that refreshing and recharging are integral to maintaining creativity, productivity, and a healthy perspective in the fast-paced world of DevOps and Digital Transformation.

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Our team

Our team, comprised of skilled Engineers and Developers, collaboratively powers our journey in the realm of DevOps and Digital Transformation.

  • Johnathon Biersack

    Founder / Chief

  • Peter ONeill

    Sr. DevOps Engineer & Evanglist

  • Connor Cleveland

    Full-stack Developer

  • Jeff Nelson

    Infrastructure Engineer & Linux Wizard

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While our team operates globally, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized, local support that makes us feel right in your backyard, no matter where you are.

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